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Deepak Pal
Lifestyle coach, Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre

Insulin is highly common hormone made by the pancreas whose main purpose is to lower blood sugar. Insulin acts like a key that unlocks the cells and opens the door to allow the glucose to go into the cells. It is primarily responsible for storing sugar in the liver and muscles – this sugar molecule is called called glycogen. Insulin also converts the body’s extra glucose into fat, and blocks the fat burning process in the body.

Developing Insulin Resistance:

Every time you eat sugary food your insulin levels spike which results in a sharp drop in blood sugar. This triggers the craving for more sugar, which leads to another spike in insulin and so on. When this high and low cycle continues over a period of time, body cells lose their sensitivity to insulin and a larger than normal quantity of insulin is needed to move glucose into the cells. This is known as “INSULIN RESISTANCE”

Globally, obesity and most chronic disease seen today are due to “Insulin Resistance.” If one does not cut up or phase out insulin from their diet, the beta cells of the pancreas exhaust themselves in the roller coaster of insulin spikes and drops, resulting in diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

As Dr Graham Simpson, MD puts is “The problem is the body was never designed to burn sugar as its primary fuel. Sugar is the body “Turbocharged” fuel that you need to “Fight or flight” in more urgent situations. Sadly in our modern world, there is an over consumption in carbohydrates we rarely get to burn our fat hence the epidemic of obesity.”

  • Graham Simpson M.D.

Signs of Insulin resistance

Ways to Reduce Insulin Resistance:

  • Lower your carbohydrate intake.
  • Glycogen burning exercise regime
  • Intermittent fasting and healthy nutritional Ketosis.
  • Magnesium supplements: Magnesium improve and helps correct insulin sensitivity because an intracellular enzyme, called tyrosine kinase, requires magnesium to allow insulin to exert its blood-sugar-lowering effects.


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