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Permanent Make up

Maybe she is born with it!

Give your features an au-naturel lift with Permanent Make up that can Enhance, Reshape, Modify or even Camouflage facial features like scanty or asymmetrical eye brows, darkly pigmented and un-shapely lips or even tired looking eyes.

Let us work our magic on you with state of the art Micropigmentation and Microblading techniques that can be customised to suit your skin type and preferences. Permanent Make up is the perfect solution for women (and men!) who want to enhance their features.

Get perfectly arched eyebrows or redesign them through minimally invasive cosmetic tattooing to lend a new, polished look to frame your face.

Pretty Pink with a smile on top!

Achieve rosy pink lips that complement your skin tone and add a unique distinction to your face with tinted micropigmentation. This treatment is a must for people suffering from Smoker’s lips or whose lips have become dark and pale.

Hair Trouble?

Hair thinning usually precedes chronic hair fall making you conscious. Pencil in thinning hair on your crown and temple, hide scalp scars or get that sexy stubble with micropigmentation.

Choose from our selection of Permanent Eyeliner, Baby eye liner and Fashion eyeliner and bid adieu to smudgy panda eyes. Get eyes that can kill even when you are sleeping!

Unleash the star in you with a unique mole/beauty spot that sets you apart. A mole can look distinctive, flattering and lend that extra special touch to accentuate what already looks beautiful or add something new to your personality.