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Urban life is gradually changing the body composition of men and women alike. Loss of energy, increased levels of stress and declining sex drive a common problem that urban men suffer from. Worst is, a lot of them have learned to ignore it and focus on the other stuff. But testosterone is hormone that can’t be ignored. Sex drive aside, testosterone is crucial to your energy levels, bone health, immunity and even your life span. So if you are not taking the constant feeling of tiredness, the loss of sexual desire seriously – then it’s time to make some changes in the way you respond to your body.

Testosterone therapy is available in several forms -oral pellets/pills, gels, injection, testosterone patch etc. While each type of treatment has its own pros and cons , it is best assessed by a physician, after assessing your medical condition, to decide which form of treatment will be best for you.

Benefits of testosterone therapy

Testosterone therapy has numerous benefits:

  1. It improves your sexual organs:The primary effect of testosterone is on the male reproductive system. It increases the libido or desire for sex. Studies in humans and other animals have demonstrated that testosterone has receptors in the brain and it affects how we think and act and behave sexually. Not only can testosterone therapy improve erection by itself but also improve response to Viagra or other Erectile Dysfunction pills.
  2. Healthier heart- testosterone has a direct beneficial role for heart. In multiple studies it has been seen that men with coronary artery disease (CAD) appear to have lower testosterone levels than men without CAD.
  3. Fat loss & anti-diabetes- Testosterone acts on fat cells and tend to reduce body fat. Men with waist circumference of more than 40 inches have been shown to have lower testosterone levels than men with smaller waist circumferences. Testosterone also might have a beneficial role in diabetes. Studies have shown that men with diabetes have lower Testosterone levels those without.
  4. Muscle growth – Testosterone leads to more muscle bulk and strength. It can create more muscle cells. The effect of testosterone on muscles explains partly why the average man is stronger, runs faster and has greater muscle definition than women. Athletes and body builders take anabolic steroids (artificial testosterone) to increase strength and size of muscles.
  5. Bone density- Not only does testosterone increase bone density at the hip and spine, but it also reduces the chances of osteoporosis and fractures in men.

Are there any risks and side effects of testosterone therapy?

Over the years few concerns have been raised about Testosterone therapy but the treatment is more of testosterone supplementation rather than therapy. Simply, adding back to the body a substance that is already present. That said, like any other treatment, this must be under the properguidance of physician.

Claims and beliefs that testosterone might make men prone to risk of heart attacks, violent behaviours or prostrate cancer is simply a myth. In fact, now there is a growing concern that low testosterone is a risk for prostate cancer. In a published study in Journal of Urology in 2004, Dr. Joel Kaufman and Dr. James Graydon described their experience of treating 7 men with testosterone therapy after they had undergone surgery for prostate cancer. They were followed up for 12 years after the therapy and in none of them was any recurrence of cancer.

Testosterone may help you live longer

Testosterone has an interesting relationship to longevity- at least 4 studies published over last several years have shown than men with high testosterone levels appear to live longer. In a study, men whose testosterone levels were in the lowest quarter of the population, had a 40% increased risk of death.  However there are no hard conclusions regarding effect of testosterone therapy on longevity.

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