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Deepak Pal, Lifestyle Coach

“The current level of chemicals in the food and water supply and indoor and outdoor environment has lowered our threshold of resistance to disease and has altered our body’s metabolism, causing enzyme dysfunction, nutritional deficiency, and hormonal imbalance.”


What are Heavy Metal Toxins?

Heavy metals naturally occur in the earth’s crust and are unlikely to contaminate if left alone. However, human activities like mining, industrial production, the pedestrian use of metals and metal compounds has resulted in environmental contamination and rabid human exposure.

Because heavy metals have come to manifest in our immediate environment to an extremely largely extent, the passive consumption of these metals and other toxins has become a more clinically significant medical condition every day.

Researches and studies also indicate that these heavy metals and toxins are a significant contributor to lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, cancer, certain auto immune diseases and others.

The most commonly found heavy metals include:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Nickel
  • Aluminum

Earth’s air, water and soil are facing a heavy metal and toxin crisis that percolates into every level of the food chain and through that, into humans. Industrial pollution coupled with vehicular pollution into air and dumping of waste into water bodies is contaminating the very source of human food, water and air.

Watching what you eat, very carefully.

Since heavy metals and toxins have contaminated the very soil and water itself, it implies that even our most ‘organic’ foods – are not a 100% free from such toxins. Added to that, it will probably take us a lot longer to wean off from processed foods that have become central to our diet in the last few decades.

The nutritional content of processed food is negligible, add to that, the passive human consumption of heavy metals is a recipe for disaster that manifests in the form of disease.

Sherry Rogers. M.D. in her book Detoxify or Die writes. “The plastic wraps swaddling your fruits, vegetable, and meats in your grocery cart look harmless enough. So do the Styrofoam trays that hold them and the plastic bottle for water, soda, milk, ketchup, fruit juices and even infant formula. But the phthalates that outgas from these plastic, so ubiquitous in our food and beverage packaging, leach into our food,” Oncethese phthalates enter our bodies, they can damage hormone receptor, brain chemistry and can trigger cancers.

Testing your heavy metal toxicity

The best way to treat a condition is understanding how far advanced you are in its severity. When it comes to measuring the extent of heavy metal toxicity, the ‘Oilgoscan’ is perhaps one of the most precise diagnostic tools.

It is an instrument based on spectroscopy that measures the amount of light emitted by a light source as reflected from the skin in order to determine the concentration of an element in the skin. The more concentrated a substance is, the more light it absorbs, enabling a quantitative analysis of the most potent havy metals that can affect your body.

Once you know and understand the level of toxicity, preventive measures can be taken to eliminate or control them. Some metals cannot be eliminated completely because they are so rampant in the environment you live in, but there impact on your body can be regularly checked and the excess routinely removed to keep you happy and healthy.

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