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Dr.Sonali Chaudhury: Consultant – Integrative Dermatology and Cosmetology, Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre

Did you know that your hair is a powerful indicator of health and fertility?
Great hair finds a natural corollary in great skin, and great skin, of course is a by-product of a healthy body. Hair concerns often point to deeper, more significant change in your body and may herald the onset of certain medical conditions. For instance, excessive hair growth across the body may be the sign of hormonal imbalance. Hirsutism on face and hair is a result of PCOD.

Hair loss on the other hand, may imply acute mineral deficiency, metal toxicity or even the presence of chronic conditions life diabetes. There is always an underlying cause to hair problems that are connected to either one or more of the following:

– Diet
– Hair colour; excessive use of chemicals and products.
– Body’s Hormonal profile
– Body’s Micronutrient profile
– Choice of shampoo

Hair loss

In medical terms, hair loss is called ‘Alopecia’. It can be of different types based on the causes some of which include: Inherited androgenic alopecia or male/female pattern of hair loss, hormonal imbalance, poor diet and nutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiency, ultraviolet radiations, environmental pollution

Excessive hair – in women

In medical terms, excessive or unwanted hair in women is called ‘Hirsutism’. In normal conditions, women have fine hair above their lips and on their chins, chest, abdomen or back. In Hirsutism, there is growth of coarse dark hair in these areas, resembling that of men. This disorder is caused due to hormonal imbalance in the body. And Treatment is a combination of diet medication, lifestyle changes and superficial laser therapy.
Tips to improve your Hair health

Simple, every day things can go a long way to protect your hair from damage.

– Avoid over-exposure to sun
– Cover hair in pollution
– Avoid repeated use of heat and chemical treatments
– Use sulphate free shampoos.
– Avoid hair dryers, curlers as much as possible
– Keep hair dryers at a min distance of 15 cm and in continuous motion
– Conditioners make a protective layer on the hair strand until next wash, protecting the hair shaft against external damage by UV rays, pollution
– Oil therapy – Scientific research has revealed that Argon oil or jojoba oil are the best ones to use for repairing hair damage.

Eat right

Foods rich in Protein, Iron, Vit B12, Vit A, Zinc, Selenium, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vit C and Vit E work wonders for hair.

Hair Therapies

There Is lot that can be done to restore your hair to its natural glory.

Mesotherapy: A cocktail of effective serums and minerals essential for hair growth are injected in the scalp to promote hair regrowth.

PRP /stem cell therapies: These are injected into the scalp to promote hair growth using your body’s own growth factors.

Trichopigmentation: Implanting pigmentation on the scalp that stays for 1-2 years, making the scalp look fuller and natural. It is done to cover up baldness patch or thinning.

Hair transplantation works too.

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