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Fasting your way to Health

By Lifestyle Coach

For centuries, religion and spirituality have promoted fasting and its benefits. Consequently, the idea of fasting is largely considered acceptable food etiquette – even if we choose to reject or accept it. Modern scientific research has furnished a new accolade to fasting. In the latest health and anti-aging journals, Intermittent fasting is not only regarded as healthy but also the most beneficial way to lose weight, drop fat, control insulin resistance and keep disease at bay.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a way to get your metabolism working and push your body into action. Typically, the digestive process in a recently fed body spikes insulin levels. As a result of this, it becomes near impossible for the body to start burning fat.

Intermittent fasting is a way to allow your body to not only digest the intake of food but also leave enough time for the body’s insulin levels to become low so that it can start burning the fat stored in order to carry out the body’s normal functions.

What is the purpose and pattern Intermittent Fasting?

In a world of excess, over-feeding or feeding at wrong times has become a characteristic of modern, urban life. Intermittent fasting strives to correct this mistake by allowing your body the time to absorb nutrients and burn fat and run in its most optimum state.

The good news is, the pattern of intermittent fasting can be defined by you – on your terms. Keeping in mind that a 12-16 hour gap in between at least one meal is essential. One can consider intermittent fasting either once a week, not eating after 7 PM on a daily basis or fasting every alternate day to lose weight in the most apt manner.

Followed correctly, intermittent fasting can become the best way to keep the fat off and keep bodily metabolism in check.

Choosing the best Intermittent Fasting method?

While fasting is not arduous, a lot of people think fasting can be daunting initially. It can be good to start off slow and then move on to a different method of fasting once you start feeling the results.

  1. Fasting a day a week

Nothing fancy, just schedule a weekly cleanse for your body each week by deciding the date and day without stressing yourself out.

  1. Nightly fasting

Perhaps the easiest form of fasting. Give your body more time to break down fat before your morning breakfast. Push your dinner timings a little closer to early evening rather than late night and see the difference!

  1. 8 hour fasting

Fast for 8 of your waking hours each day. This must only include hours during which you are awake.

  1. 16 hour fasting

Fast for a 2/3rd part of your day (16 hours) and eat all your meals within an 8 hour window. This method leaves you enough time to get the best of your food without stressing your body’s digestive systems and leaving enough time to detox.

  1. A meal a day fasting

You are allowed to have one fantastic meal a day at any time that suits you best. For the most dramatic results, ensure that you eat your meal at a similar time each day.

  1. Alternate day fasting

Ready to move on to the next level? This is by far the most effective way of cutting the fat without compromising on your taste buds. Vary between eating and fasting every alternate day of the week and see those dress sizes drop! This is a short term fasting method that is not recommended unless under the supervision of a doctor or a trained lifestyle coach. But when done correctly, alternate day fasting is also known increase the production of ‘Dopamine’ – your body’s happy and motivational hormone.

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