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Why should girls have all the fun?

 By Dr Sonali Chaudhary


Why should girls have all the fun??  Even men deserve to be pampered!!

These days’ even men have become very particular about their appearance and why shouldn’t they be when it is so simple, swift and inexpensive. Looking presentable, clean and shiny is something that every man desires and the good news is that it’s not difficult either.

Whether it’s an odd mole, skin tag or a previous scar, the same can be easily done away with. Even acne, patchy skin or texture can be permanently cured by the dermatologist next door in no time.

Mole removal and skin tag removal is a one time treatment which is painless. Scar revision can be easily accomplished by a filler, if its deep seated. In other cases even a filler may not be required as a medium depth scar can be rectified with a derma roller alone. If the circumstances so warrant, the treatment may have to be repeated once in 12 to 18 months. Resurfacing laser is also an excellent and swift option to get rid of scars.

Likewise, scar on the eyebrow can be filled with micro-pigmentation, which is achieved by natural and organic pigments that do not have any side effects. Scars on any other body part can be filled by pigmentation of the same body colour so it’s aesthetically nice. Even on a close examination, it is difficult to identify as it easily merges with the skin and looks natural. 

Another concern which men have is pigmentation which can be epidermal, dermal or mixed. Work up on pigmentation can be started by topical serums that specifically target the melanin deposition. It can be combined with vitamin C or E and hydrating serums. Adding on lasers or photofacials that work on light, rejuvenates the skin and significant results on pigmentation are noted.

For beard happy men, beard shaping can be done by the help of laser hair reduction!!!

A little but consistent effort taken for your own skin, definitely will thank you by shinning and glowing.

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