BEAT THE HEAT in summer time – Smart Metabolic Anti Aging Centre
By Dr Sonali Chaudhary

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn. As summers are near, you should be careful about your skin and hair.Summer is traditionally associated with hot or warm weather that leaves you dehydrated to the core. Keep a check on your skin, it needs to be hydrated. So, this season beat the heat by keeping yourself well hydrated by drinking lots and lots of fluid.

You can add a little fun by having detox drinks that will add color and taste to your drinks. In a jar add cut orange or lemon slices for citrus taste and a few mint leaves for freshness and have it all day. Citric touch will give you a nice glow and help you fight that dullness.

Have at least 8- 9 glasses of water or the detox drink. Don’t forget to cover your skin with a generous layer of sunblock. Whether you are outdoors or indoors, sunblock is a must. Washing face with cold water feels nice no doubt about that but be sure not to overdo. The top most layer of the skin is to hold the water. Too much of washing can take away its moisture.

Skin is important so are your hair.Sun can damage your hair and make it frizzy, dry and brittle. Massaging the scalp and calming packs can help in making hair look shiny and healthy. Cover your hair while going out in the sun and prevent damaging it.

So, why not wear a hat with a wide rim and protect our face and hair at the same time and look stylish. Carry a scarf and add a color to your attire. Take a nice net cloth or any print that u like and stitch it your umbrella or to a portion of it and make it your style statement.

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