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Dr Sandeep Datta

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Dr Sandeep Datta
Consultant โ€“ Metabolic Aging

MBBS MD Fellowship in Diabetes, Cardio metabolic and BHRT Specialist

Dr. Sandeep Datta is a pioneer of proactive and preventive medicine in India. He has also completed his MD in Pulmonary medicine. After completing his Fellowship in Diabetes from Apollo and British Medical Journal, he developed a keen interest in the reversal of cardio metabolic disorders. He is the organizing secretary of Westown Physicians Association of India and an active member of the Indian Medical Association. He has a keen interest in Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for Andropause and Menopause. An advocate of the natural human ‘Paleo diet’ as opposed to the high glycaemic Western diet to reverse aging, he is also an Executive member of the Anti-ageing Foundation of India and has a keen interest in Stem cell therapeutics.