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Smart Metabolic Aging Programs

Reverse Diabetes

Tailor made for Diabetics or Pre-diabetics, this comprehensive and precise plan, targets your microbiome, hormones, sleep and prescribes a strict Glycemic control, High Fat Low Carb diet for both – vegetarians or non-vegetarians, to reverse Type II diabetes within 4-6 months.

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Reverse Heart Diseases

Assess and tackle the root cause of heart disease, caused mainly by “Insulin resistance” from sugar and grains! This highly advanced program listens to your body and supports you in keeping your heart healthy, with the aim of taking you off medicine to infuse fresh charge into your heartbeats.

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Lose Weight

Obesity is a disorder of fat and hormonal changes and has very little to do with the calories you ingest. Our detailed, non-invasive and 100% effective program reverses the effect of a diet laden with sugar, grains, plant oils and processed foods on your body and strengthens it to fight diseases.

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